YOUnite Solutions

YOUnite is an exciting Master Data Management technology that can help reshape the face of information management. YOUnite has created a platform that enables solution and service providers to create a distributed information interchange with which virtually any device (IoT), client or system can interact.

What we do: Enable self-management of personal attributes, preference and identity information and facilitate it’s distribution through selective sharing.

YOUnite enables individual user control of information access and distribution. Users can create and manage their own risk profile scope scheme. Solutions and services can connect to each other using YOUnite and control access through fine grained governance controls.


YOUnite is designed to scale in large, networked and distributed environments and is architected to federate control schemas (personal security profiles) between organizations and other individuals. Past attempts to share data between systems start as data integration projects that spiral out of control or have forced all parties to store their information on a single set of centralized servers, but with YOUnite, a single system manages the routing of data between systems and the customer controls where their information is stored.

YOUnite is a patented technology:

  • US 7,461,071 - Distributed Management Framework For Personal Attributes
  • US 8,620,866 - Distributed Management Framework For Personal Attributes
  • US 8,938,423 - Distributed Management Framework For Personal Attributes
  • US 8,463,813 - Individualized Data Sharing
  • US 7,698,445 - Client Agents for Obtaining Attributes From Unavailable Clients
  • US 8,108,533 - Client Agents for Obtaining Attributes From Unavailable Clients

YOUnite is designed so that data can be federated and not stored inside of YOUnite. YOUnite’s transactions in-flight are encrypted data and only reside on the YOUnite servers until such time as delivery is confirmed. Once delivery of data is confirmed, the data is expunged. Moreover, YOUnite can be deployed inside a client data center so that absolutely no data is stored outside the client data center. This is particularly relevant to government or military implementations.

Given the increasing amounts of fraud and other security threats, YOUnite was architected with security as a paramount concern. YOUnite is not a security vendor, but we fully understand the importance of securing information and personal data. YOUnite is not a security product, but it is a secure product.

How we do it: The key to YOUnite is its RESTful API

For more information, please download our White Paper from the Resources area.