The Problem

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected and more SaaS applications are deployed, the need for the owner to maintain accuracy and control of their information across multiple platforms, devices, enterprise systems and social networks is becoming more and more critical. The sense of where the truth for agiven data entity exists diminishes as an enterprise brings more systems and SaaSs online. Today, it is impossible for individuals and organizations to ensure that their information is accurately updated and propagated to all entities and individuals. Moreover, in an increasingly competitive global economy, information is critical to doing business and maintaining relationships. Businesses lose enormous amounts of time and wasted productivity trying to manage and accurately update information.

The cost of customer support, healing and correcting inaccurate data, lost business opportunities, and lost personal and professional contacts and opportunties is enormous. While applications such as or other business applications provide a repository for data, they don't solve the fundamental problem of its accuracy, necessarily keep it up-to-date, nor control distribution seamlessly to multiple systems and devices in a distributed and networked world.

These applications help manage relationships on a micro/local level, but do not solve the problem on a macro/global level by providing the mechanism to allow businesses and individuals to connect these islands of data and manage complex relationships seamlessly.

The Solution

YOUnite has created a federated Master Data Management platform the enables solution and service providers to create an information interchange that virtually any device, client or service can talk to. Services can connect to YOUnite, make connections to other services and set permissions to information and files they own. Past attempts to create an interchange have forced all parties to store their information on a central server but with YOUnite, the customer controls where their information is stored.

YOUnite MDM enables solution providers to create solutions that allow their customers to maintain complete accuracy of their information. They decide who can have access to their information as they choose.